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I have been looking for answers and thought I could get some feed back on someones experience. I finished my chemo treatment 1 year ago, at my regular follow up oncologist visit I am weighed, poked given a quick look over and sent on my way. I was under the impression I would have my pre-treatment test repeated to watch for any reoccurrence. My doctor now says they don't feel they get correct results from the tests and don't feel it is necessary to repeat them as long as I am feeling okay....well, I was feeling okay when I was diagnosed and lost my breast. (I do get a mamogram every 6 months) Is that normal? Anyones experience will be appreciated. Thanks


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    tthats normal aaask for blood test, thay re good indicator.also chestX etc.
    youre right on target. youll know body is an amazing thing. It talks to you
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    Hi, after the chemo, I had control follow ups every 3 months the first year, then every six and now after 3 years, the oncologist says once a year. In the last year I only had blood work done. Mammo once a year now.Get a second opinion. God Bless.
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    I finished treatments chemo in August and radiation in November. I already had a follow up ct scan, bone scan and blood work in August almost a year from the first one. I have since had another Ct scan to follow a spot on the lung. I thought you were supposed to repeat the tests at least one time ayear. My daughter was born with cancer and we repeated her tests yearly for a few years. Don't know. I was same as you no pain before cancer and I still had it, would not know I was sick. will be praying for you sandy
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    There's some controversy about follow-up blood tests and scans. Some doctors recommend them regularly - others feel that it really doesn't help us find a recurrance any sooner than symptoms do or rather it doesn't make a difference in prognosis if further cancer is found. My onc falls somewhere in the middle. I had a set of scans after chemo was completed and won't have more without problems. Every 3 months, I have blood tests (tumor markers), but he has told me that they are just a guide because they can increase for many other reasons besides cancer. I'm 1 year out and had stage II invasive ductal. Diane
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    I finished chemo about 4 months ago and was told by my oncologist that they generally only perform tests if something seems amiss. Her reason was that post-treatment testing has not been proven to change the prognosis if later cancer is found and it does significantly increase stress and anxiety. I was also feeling fine when I was diagnosed, but my oncologist said just to let her know if anything seemed or felt wrong. (In retrospect, there were some wierd things going on before my diagnosis, but I assumed they were just normal minor medical things.) If you're not comfortable with your doctor, get a second opinion, or switch doctors.