Thinning hair

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Hi PatV
What you are describing is what happened to me after two rounds of AC. It started with just a few strands coming out and then, like you said, lots of strands came out in the shower and with running my hand through my hair. Because my doctor had told me that I would be losing all my hair, I shaved my head when I felt it was no longer acceptable to go out in public with it. It sounds like you have had quite a bit of chemo already and maybe you won't lose all your hair; hope so for your sake. I have completed treatments and my hair is now coming back in. The good thing is that it is coming back thicker than it originally was! Take care and hope this helps...Cheryl


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    how long after chemo did your hair grow back???
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    vac said:

    how long after chemo did your hair grow back???

    I had AC and mine started coming back during rads.
    By about 4 months post chemo, I had hair completely covering my head, but very short. I had my first haircut about 6 months post chemo.
    I used to have really long hair, but I'm loving this new short do :-) Diane