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I have massive lymphedema of my arm. I had chemo and radiation and my arm started to enlarge about a year and a half past surgery. It is twice the size of my other arm. I have tried going for massage, wrapping and now wearing a compression sleeve. Nothing helps. Has anyone heard of any treatment I can try. Again, this is not a small amount of swelling, and it goes from my hand up to my armpit. People keep asking what's wrong with your arm. Thanks, Frani


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    Unfortunately prevention is the best treatment which includes no lifting > 5-10# max, no repetitious movement, such as vacuming, sweeping, mopping, scrubbing...and no blood draws, IV's or blood pressure checks in that arm. For the swelling now, there is a procedure called 'milking', this may include the massage you spoke of, if it is and it didn't help, you may consider trying the procedure somewhere else. Different facilities have different methods. Someone may have a better method. Good luck and God bless. hummingbyrd