Is this what they call "thinning"?

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I had 4 rounds of CMF and just completed round 7 or 12 weekly taxotere treatments. I didn't have hair thinning on CMF but about a week ago my hair started coming out heavily in strands (not clumps). Every time I brush it hundreds of hairs fall to the bathroom floor and when I run my fingers through it, I come up with more strands in my hands. I had thick hair but now when I feel it, especially wet, it's like half what it was. My oncologist and his nurse say this is called "thinning" and I was told that any chemo can cause it - but I feel that if this keeps up much longer I will lose all the hair on my head. Miraculously, I don't have any bald spots yet - it just looks limp. Has anyone had this experience and did the hair loss slow down or did you lose it all? I thought that with total hair loss, it just came out in clumps one day, not gradually. Any thoughts will be appreciated!