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I been reading the messages. I am having coping and my prognosis is good. Radiation was not recommended. I was diagnosed in the pre-cancerous stage(DCIS). I had a tram flap and was doing great till I saw the oncologist. He wanted me to go back and see the radiologist because he was unsure of the margins on the path report. Boy was I a wreck-going through the not knowing stage when you think everything was settling down. The radiologist was pretty confident since I had the skin saving mastectomy that radiation was not an option. Of course I was excited. But a few days later when I saw my plastic surgeon he asked if I was going to have chemo. I told him that Tamoxifen was recommended but no chemo. Will not long after that I started thinking of the worse and I let it snow ball. Now I am having panic attacks, loss of appetite, nausea and difficulty sleeping. I don't want to keep this up, any suggestions on breaking the cycle.


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    With myself, it seemed every group of doctors had different plans of treatment. God knows who could say which is right or better. But for myself I chose one of their plans and ran with it. It made the best sense and sounded to be the most logical approach for me. advise is to educate yourself, when you get bummed out talk with others and try not to let it snowball. I don't know if you have had childern. If you have do you remember how when others found out you were pregant they started telling you all about their pregancies. Sharing their war stories and all. Well, remember how your morning sickness was never as bad as hers and your new born slept at least part of the night. This is the same..count your blessing each day. This is a great site. One of us has walked that path.
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    I could not agree more.. The waiting..and not knowing are the worst!! I have found that knowledge is power and that the more of it you have the better you will feel about your decisions regarding your health. Do research, buy or check out some books... call ACS for some booklets..they have dozens free for the asking.

    Just remember you are not alone and dont be hesitant asking for help during your recovery. Talk to your docs about it, or one of the nurses. Keep talking till someone on your health care team listens to your fears!!
    much love and warm hugs your way
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    Before Christmas I felt better than ever. I have ran the Indy Mini Marathon 3 yrs in a row, Run everyday, eat right ect....Then I felt it.. Breast Cancer is what they said. Not me I said. I am 39yrs old have 3 wonderful kids, 17,15,13 and a loving husband life could not be better. Then this. Now I am tired all the time. still working and taking care of things at home with the help of my kids. I am lucky i will be fine caught early... but it is just it will always be in the back of my mind forever.. Thanks Leenie.
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    Yes it is very sad when our fears grip us and we can't change how our body is reacting to the stresses we have. I think reading about how we can help our thought processes and truly understand what we think affect the way our bodies feel and work. Health truly is about all our bodies are mind body and soul. I have read books about simplifying my life and ways to calm my mind when it is starting to react to my fears. We all need to learn to cope in the real world and sometimes being positive just isn't enough. We truly have to learn to be grateful and turn our minds to things like this to get us through. I have been ill for years since my fight with cancer and feel like life is worth every effort I give to find ways to cope with all I am left with. That is least and most I can do all in one. As much as one there is the other and I am truly living because I am living in the good and the bad that my life brings me.
    Be good to yourself always,