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Thanks for all your feedback. I felt like I had a pity party for myself driving home yesterday. I have never whined outwardly soooo much. But, guys it felt good, so hang on I may need to do it again. I tried to read many of the messages from the beginning. I would like to know how Pat is doing, also Hummingbird and Tara? I fell as if I know these ladies, and we could have lunch and not skip a beat. Again, thanks for being here for me. Frani


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    We must have been posting at the same time. Glad to see you are feeling better this morning. Yes the ladies here are great. Sandy
  • I just read your original message. I to present a very strong front to the "world". Only my husband has seen me break down. And we all need to do that sometimes! I often tell myself though, as people are telling me I'm strong that I should listen to them! I try hard to find my inner strength, my god-given gifts and believe in myself. I think of this as my cancer journey, and while I just finished chemo, I'm also proclaiming myself a survivor! Good luck to you. Keep seeking out support!