post mastectomy with reconstruction surgery

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July 2001 i underwant a right modified radical mastectomy followed by reconstruction surgery. My right breast has become very hard (like a rock in side me)after chemotherapy and radiation. i find this very unconfertable and hate the way my right breast looks. (i keep saying to myself at least i'm alive) my right breast is much larger and higher. my friends say i should leave well enought alone but i really don't like how i feel inside my chest wall. has anyone experience this feeling and did they go throught any more surgery to correct this problem. what was the outcome?


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    Dear Basia, I also have had a thickening of the chest wall. I have had a tram flap in February of 2002. I was told to massage the area with some gentle pressure. Also the plastic surgeon can help fix somethings, although I have not gone back to him to get the finishing touches on the reconstructed breast. It feel tight as well, just rub and lift the arm up. I would check back with your plastic surgeon for furthur help. God bless. Sandy
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    I too, had the muscles to contract around my implant. It was painful and developed a kinda mastitas(infection/irritation) around the area if I over stretched the muscles. I chose to have another surgery to have the scar tissue released(cut) . I knew what to expect in the healing process so it was not so bad this time. Due to having breast cancer in the first breast, the insurance also covered the cost as it was because of the cancer that my body breast sizes did not match. So I had a small implant in the other side to make them match. I am very pleased with the current size and there is no pain anymore. I am a 10 year survivor and the second surgery was after 7 years. I did not have radiation but I was told some bodies just react to the implants in that way( to create the scar tissue.) I guess it is fairly common. Good Luck, again, I am glad I had the revision.