skin sparing mastectomy

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I had a skin sparing mastectomy with a tram flap. The Doctor told me after surgery that some breast tissue was left behind in order to support the graft. I would like to speak with anyone who has had this type of surgery. I need to talk. I am becoming increasingly worried that I made the wrong decision.


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    I'm new to this sight and havn't quite gotten the feel of what's going on. I think this is a great sight. I've never been in a place where so many supporters and survivors have gathered to incourage and care. However, sometimes a question can be asked and the answer not be as positive as you would want. I've had this procudure and had a recurrence at the sight with matasitses to others organs. Now I feel I'm in the minority. You know people respond differently. I'm sure you'll hear from many many women with positive stories and wonderful outcomes.
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    Hi there Linda,
    A lady in my cancer support group had the skin sparing mastectomy done with a T-Flap done and her long term has been wonderful. Shes finished her tamoxifin last year and her reconstruction ...nipple and areola look good. She is 42 yrs. and this is her 6th year survivor!!!!! She did however have to have more than one surgury done to improve the look i think she had 2 or 3 one for a lift on one side.....hers was a bilaterial if i forgot to mention that and the others for her nipple and areaola tattoing. Shes doing just great and very proud of her breasts =) and yeah shes a flasher lol. Stay positive and take it all day by day, continue to be very aware of your body and take care of yourself and have regular doc appts..... Wishing you wellness...MrsBE
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    Hi Linda...I also had the skin sparing with my transflap on my back...if you would like to talk I'm at I also wondered whether or not I had done the right thing but I promise it does get better. I just finished 8 chemos and now going into radiation.. Linda
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    I had the same procedure and spoke to the surgeon beforehand. She said she would not recommend or do surgery leaving tissue behind if the oncologist didn't feel it was ok. Talk to your oncologist about it if you're worried, but I'll bet they say the same thing. It's unlikely they would put you at higher risk of a recurrence just for a better cosmetic result.