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hello Mosis, for some reason I do not have a reply option so must start a new topic. Please don't be hard on yourself for bouts of crying. This cancer dx is about the most stressful thing in our lives right now. Your emotions are at surface level and can erupt at any moment beyond your control. The anxiety of waiting for treatment to start does not help this feeling. Everything we hear about cancer is that one must act right away and then we are put off for a month because the Oncologist is too booked up with other appointments. It is frustration and anxiety...Have you gone to for information on hormone neg. breast cancers? Seems I go to google for all my answers. I am starting my 3rd year since completing treatment and am feeling close to my old self. Many here will give you good advice. Keep busy looking up everything about breast cancer that you can think of and that will help also. You have good friends and good doctors and a strong faith---you have everything you need to survive and you will !!!! Hugs, Nancy


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    Thank you so much for your response. It helped me. I will keep praying and reading and staying busy. I AM going to win this fight!!! Mosis