Supercuts do the really support cancer?

Saandy Member Posts: 1
Hi my name is Sandy Martinez. I was diagnosed with NH Lymphoma Stage 4 in April 2002. I am the mother of 3 and married to a wonderful husband. At the time of diagnosis I was a long time employee of Supercuts, a so called supporter of The Cure for Cancer. I was off originally due to a prior knee injury and discovered a tumor approximately 1 week upon being off. The managers and employees of Supercuts took up a donation of a little over 400 dollars as soon as they heard. Supercuts however tried to block my L&I claim, to no avail, docked my last paycheck, kept my 3 weeks vacation, and informed me 8 months down the road that I was no longer an employee. They have been nothing but an added stress to a bad situation and I believe that people should know about it.

I am more than mad, I am deeply hurt and disappointed. While working for Supercuts my entire life revolved around it. I gave all that I could give and then some. Now that I need something back in return they have totally turned their back on me and thats not right! I haven't asked them for anything that I haven't earned.

I will survive and thrive but I believe that everyone should know what kind of a franchise SuperCuts really is!