Breast Cancer as seen in women exposed to radiation

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I am new to this site and have not been able to find referrence in discussion group to women whose cancer is from childhood radiation treatments. Am I wording this correctly ?
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    Hi-I'm new to this sight myself and also not experienced with chat rooms. I'm afraid I don't have any information about your situation. I had noticed your clocking time of 3:39am as mine was close to that. I'm not sleeping well either.I sometimes use that time to ponder my situation and do resreach for a better informed plan of attack. I'll keep an eye out for things that might purtain to you. There are cancer information sights all over the web. But as you do your surfing be careful.There is garbage out there too. Chef
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    Yes, you are wording it correctly. Sometimes the site refers to the site of the cancer, not the cause. So if your cancer was in the breast...this is the place to be. As you post, someone may have the same causative agent. I dont' know where mine came from! No risk factors or family history. Go figure! Anyway, welcome to the site and keep us posted.
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    Hi 'm'!

    Welcome to the group!

    Go to the bottom of this screen under 'keyword or phrase' and type in 'childhood radiation'. Under 'which groups', select 'all groups'. This will take you to some older postings which you may find helpful. I hope so.

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