Chemo after Mastectomy

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My chemo therapy oncologist is talking about starting my last two rounds of chemo therapy soon...2 weeks after my mastectomy. (I had 4 rounds of A/C before the mastectomy.) I don't know why, but I was kinda surprised to be going back into chemo so soon. Did anyone else have this kind of timeline on their treatment?


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    Hello. I had 4 rounds of AC. 4 of taxotere, mastectomy and then started right back on 5FU a few weeks after surgery. I thought it was rushed too, like give me time to recouperate. But it worked out fine. I was on chemo about 6 mos after surgery. hope this helps sandy
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    My mom recently had surgery from a recurrence of cancer, and the doctor began chemo exactly two weeks after her surgery. It surprised me, but she is doing well. This is her first time with chemo. (She didn't have anything after her mastectomy). She is having 4 rounds of A/C and then 4 of Taxotere. May God bless you as you go through this.
    Love, Jayne
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    This is normal. Had breat Ca 3 times, and after all of the surgeries, started chemo 1 week after. You do just fine. Hang ing there. Thinking of you.
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    Thanks everyone for your quick and helpful responses. I guess I got lulled into the pattern of the chemo infusion, then 3-4 weeks rest before something else happened. It makes a lot of sense for my mastectomy incision to completely heal and my arm to retain its range of motion through exercise before we move on to radiation anyway. I'm just relieved to hear that moving back to chemo so quickly is not unusual or particularly exhausting after surgery. Since I'm on a 3-week medical leave from work anyway, this is the best of all times to be feeling low if I have to.
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    It looks like it is not that uncommon from reading the responses. I had 3 rounds of chemo before surgery and started back at it again about 3 weeks after that lasted for the next year. I was done last fall and had my chemo port out last month FINALLY ... God Bless