New Nodes- Like Hodgkins but Not?

vighe Member Posts: 1
Has anyone experienced a new cluster of inflamed but benign nodes?
I am 24 and had Hodgkins seven years ago and it was treated locally with radiation. I developed several new nodes this fall in a different area, and they were biopsied. After a month of tests on the biopsy sample, my docs determined the nodes to be "cousins of Hodgkins," but not true Hodgkins.
This experience has left me very wary of my docs, and also nervous as my nodes continue to fluctuate in size and tenderness.
I would really appreciate hearing if anyone has experienced the same thing. Thanks.


  • dpomroy
    dpomroy Member Posts: 135
    Wow, that would make me nervous too! I have had "spots" that they kept watching; some that ended up needing more treatment and later some that just went away on their own. Are you comfortable with getting a second opinion from another doctor? If it would ease your uncertainty it would be worth it.