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Two years ago I had 4 operations in a 16 day hospital stay for stage 3 rectal cancer. Did 6 months kemo and radiation. All test have shown no recurrance so I am doing pretty good. But I have this drainage of a clear mucus/fluid and little control of myself, if you know what I mean. I have found that it helps if I dont eat or drink until after work, still I live in fear of a day that I dont make it to the bathroom in time. My doctor has had no answers for this and says I should be healed by now. Do any of you have this?


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    I'm pleased to read that you've made it four years w/o recurrence. . .that is excellent. I finished with chemo just four months ago after three surgeries with stage III crc.

    I think everyone will have their own unique experiences with how the food moves through us after the experience we've had. . .but after four years. . . you probably should be in better control by now. I think eating smaller more frequent meals, and by carefully monitoring what seems to agree with you, and what doesn't. A friend of mine who finished with chemo a year ago was having lots of "poopy problems". . .so his doctor suggested citrucel. From what I understand, it makes him go, and gets it all out rather than dealing with more frequent trips and less quantity of stuff.

    If the doctor doesn't have a suggestion, maybe a nutritionist can help you get a better handle on the issue.

    I too get the same mucus stuff, but I only finished with my ordeal a few months ago. I don't expect it to happen much longer. I've got some problems with an obstruction. . .particularly after eating certain foods. It's like a blockage in the intestine and it really hurts. Any thoughts?

    Good luck, and be well.

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    I had a colostomy about 11 years ago and the mucus glands in the stub are still active on occasions, particularly when I eat or overeat certain foods: spicy foods (pizza,chili, etc;or, cabbage family veg. Mucus is trying to ease excrement.
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    It has been two years, but still they say I should be healed by now and they have no answers. Yes I was told to try Metimucle, but it didn't work. I dont eat spicy foods, never could tolerate them even when I was healthy. I dont have any idea about blockage, sorry. I guess it does help to know that at least someone else is haveing some of same issues as I, even if there are no answers. Thank you both for your kind advice.
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    I'm 7 years out from stage 3 rectal cancer. After trying many things, I found a lot of relief from the symptoms you describe when I added two fiber tablets to my daily vitamins. I just use the generic brand. This has made a big difference in my life, but it took a couple of weeks to notice the difference. I had tried the Metamucil, Citracel stuff before, but it made no difference at all. I hope this info helps you.