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I recently read about a clinical trial that showed dose dense chemotherapy was effective in treating breast cancer with +3 positive nodes. I am meeting with my oncologist next week. Is dose dense chemotherapy available if I would want to use it?


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    Dose dense meaning closer together? If thats it I have heard of it. I did that on my last chemo ( had wanted to do it on all three, but oncologist thought he knew better, you know, patient is never right!)To me, the more you can keep going and not give the CA a chance to regroup, the better
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    That's a great question to discuss with your onc. From my understanding, if you are physically able to handle the full dose of chemo on a 2 week rather than 3 week schedule, you may be a candidate. They give you neupogen in between to keep your white blood counts at an acceptable level. You should do some research on the internet ahead of time and have your data ready for your onc. I believe this chemo is being done at Johns Hopkins, so you might check their web site, and also may have some info for you. Good luck with your decision!
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    Hey there. I am currently doing the dose dense chemo. I go every 2 weeks and will be finished in 4 months, instead of 6 months. (4 doses of A/C and 4 of Taxol). I have 3 treatments to go, and I'm so glad that I opted for the dense dose. I wanted to be aggressive and feel like this would coincide with my preferences. My oncologist offered this to me as an option, but I had also done a lot of research on it beforehand (on the web). The side effects are the same, but you don't have that 3rd week of feeling good. The day after chemo, I have to give myself shots of Neupogen for one week. The Neupogen keeps your white cell count up. This also is a positive, because since my white count is always good, I'm right on schedule for my chemo and don't have to wait for the counts to come up. Hope this helps in your decision. Feel free to e-mail me if you want any more info. Personally, I recommend it!
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    Hi, I am also on the dose dense chemotherapy. I have stage 2 with 1 positive node. I am getting Adriamycin first,then will follow with the Cytoxin and then the Taxatol, so my chemo course will take the full 6 months. I am giving myself the neupogin shots, beginng the 2nd day after chemo, for a 7 day course. My WBCs have been very good, and I am hopeful that they will stay good and that the chemo will stay on track. I read about the dose dense program before I even had my first appointment, and was very happy that my doc recommended it. I know that it is a relatively new concept, but my doctor told me he has been doing it for quite a while on selected patients and he was very happy with the results. I have about 5 really good days out of the 14 before I go back for chemo, but the rest of the time is not unmangabe. I am receiving Anzemet for nausea and it is working great! If it is available, I think you should go for it! Good luck....I will be thinking of you.