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Hello - I am new to this site. My husband was diagnosed with SCLC on March 4 and he's undergone 3 IV chemo treatments with carboplatin & etoposide and Aptosyn taken orally during and after the chemo. Is anyone familiar with Aptosyn and its effectiveness? Also, is tenderness to the touch all over the body a common side effect of chemo?


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    hi, I am mike, i have sclc and am in remission for a year last month. I am still dealing with side effects of chemo and or radiation. I had carboplatnum, vp16, and taxol. I started with cisplatnum but crashed on it and switched to carboplatnum and also added taxol. Yes still sensitive in chest area , nipples,ribs, and sternum.I hope this helps some. Godbless. there is a website that is pretty active with cancer patients chat, www.oncochat mike