Please help my younger sister

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My younger sister who is 31 years old with 2 kinds has been diagnosed with colon cancer and spred to liver and plevis area. She ahs been on 5-FU, CPT-11, LV, and just finished her 2nd round, soon start on her 3rd. But it seems not getting better. We are looking into changeing her chemo to Oxi and etc. Also looking into RFA treatment if possible. Any suggestions on new treatments or input on my letter. And need a suggetions on good cancer center for the above treatments. We are in North Carolina.


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    My good friend aged 47 , diagnosed 6 months ago with secondaries to lung and liver, is doing well on Oxi etc. and back at work. Keep your heart up. Many Blessings. V.C.
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    Hi, I was dianosed with rectal cancer(stage three) the first of last year and I did the 5-FU and the leucovorin. They found a new spot on my liver but say that it is too small for a biospy. I am okay for now. I go back in two months for another CT scan. Where do you go and who do you see? I am from N.C. and I go to Duke. I see Dr. Herbert Hurowitz and he is great! He won't give up and is very good at what he does. If you are not going to Duke(even if you are)go to him. I highly recommend him! Best wishes and good luck! Let me know how it goes,ok? Michele:)
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    Well, the 5FU,LV,CPT11 therapy is the agressive treatment for this therapy but the metastates are the difficult aspect of her diagnosis.

    As far as responding to the therapy, I know that my treatment was very difficult, ususally they have 4 weeks on 1 week off. I recommend sticking with at least a couple of rounds of her therapy - probably 12 treatments and see what the results are there. Her body is not going to get the "full effects" of the chemo until about 1-2 months into her treatment the Dr's will also adjust her medication to the maximum that she can tolerate. After about 4 months your body starts to get "used" to the chemo medications so they will typically increase or adjust her dosages.

    I don't know if that helps but by three rounds do you mean 3 sets of usually 4 treatments with a week off? If it's just 3 treatments, I'd say wait a bit.

    Otherwise, you and her want to consider as many other therapies as the Dr's will allow.

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