Unusual lymphedema

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I have lymphedema, but not in my arm. It is in my chest wall below the breast. It looks like I am trying to grow another breast. I have tried massage therapy with no success. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if they have found any relief. I try not to wear a bra any more than necessary .


  • hummingbyrd
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    I get it in my arm and in chest wall next to breast. Only thing I've found that makes a difference is not lifting anything over 5#. Even doing laundry causes swelling. Sorry. hummingbyrd
  • ksfc
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    I have the same problem and I'm with hummingbyrd - what works best is really babying that side of my body. I do some exercises to increase flow of lymph fluid that the physical therapist taught me, and I have a sleeve that I wear sometimes,( which helps my arm more than my chest) but I've really had to alter the way I do everyday chores. Diane