Breast cancer survivor-Sister just diagnosed

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Hello all, I am new to the CSN...I had breast cancer and now after chemo, radiation and recontructive surgeries I am doing fine. My Son and my Sister were my greatest support. Now my Sister has been diagnosed with lung and head cancer, I pray I can be as strong for her as she was for me!


  • hummingbyrd
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    You can do it lizzy. You came to the right place for love and support. If you need to talk we have email here just click on the envelope icon below and send me a note. I'll help you anyway I can. Prayers are with you. hummingbyrd
  • sandytrif525
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    dear lizzy, you know what it takes to get through this. i am sure that you will be just as big a help to your sister as she was to you. you also know what type of support to offer because you know what you needed. do for her as she did for you. I will keep you all in our prayers. sandy