anybody out there?

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Hey...I'm 22 years old and I'm battling round two (in just over 2 years)with nhl. Level 4 this time around, REALLY agressive. I just discovered this website, and I've found it to be really useful. But I am wondering if there are any other people around my age that are battling this as well. Or if there are survivors of a similar situation who could help me out. I've already met one great person here, but I'm really hoping to find more "cancer-buddies" so to speak. Please email me if you can relate!! Thank you guys, you are all amazing for going thru all of the stuff we are faced with thanks for not giving up.


  • tj3241
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    Hello I am 31 years old with nhl. the type I have
    tens to come back within 2 years, but I'm in
    remission now e-mail back
  • Mariette
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    Hi. My name is Mariette and I am 26 and have NHL. Mine is anaplastic large cell lymphoma. What kind is yours? You can e-mail me at [email protected]
  • S_Herrera
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    Hello. I'm 24 and am a survior of nhl. I was diagnosed when I was 20. I just found this wed-site, so if you need to talk (or type), you can email me back. [email protected]
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    Hi, I'm 36, But was Diagnoised when I was 31. I HAD Stage 4 NHL. I know alot of what you are going through. If you would like my email is lifelovelive00@aol. I'll be here for you....Denise
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    I am a lymphoblastic lymphoma survivor and am doing good. If you want someone to talk to my e-mail address is [email protected]
  • phomer
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    Hey, I'm a survivor. Only 1 and a half years out from treatment and doing fine. So far so good. How are your treatments going? How far along are you in your treatments? If you want someone to write back to now and then, I'd love to hear from you.
    [email protected]