Silicone or Saline?

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I am new to site, 47 yrs old and almost ready for implants. I like the feel of the silicone implants but worry about rupture or leakage. Has anyone had experience with this? My doctor says she can catch leakage and it won't hurt me. What do you think? Thanks for any imput.


  • Pattyh
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    I am also getting silicone as soon as I am done with these uncomfortable chest expanders. I too share some of your concerns. I have done alot of research and I am willing to try it. Anything is better then these expanders ! I realize any time you put something foreign in your body your are taking a risk. I am going to take it. Good luck.
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    Hello,I have had a bilateral mastectomy.I now have had saline implants for the past 3 yrs. I am very happy with the results and I would not think of using anything but saline.Being a nurse for many years I felt this was the best choice for me.Whatever feels right for you is what you should go for.I thank GOD for sending me a outstanding plastic surgeon.I wish you the very best! Please feel free to e-mail me [email protected] Have a blessed day! Chanel
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    I chose the silicone following my mod. rad. mastectomy, (followed by immediate reconstruction using the lasstissimus dorsi muscle from my back as an enveloping cover) as the feel of them seemed my best choice. I had the first put in in'93 on the left side at the age of 32. My muscles contracted and moved it into an unnatural shape so I had it replaced 7 years later(again, I chose silicone) and had the right side implanted as well to create a more balance look as I was then 39 years old and time had taken it's toll.Oh, yeah, I had breastfed as well with our daughter who was born in '97 (when I was 37).With only one natural breast at the time , it certainly got a work out.I am now 42,still very happy with the feel and look of those implants. I have never had them leak thus far. My health does Not seem to be affected by them . The only thing I have to offer as a complaint is... when it's cold outside, they stay cold for quite a while after the rest of me gets warm.LOL.I have not heard whether the saline holds the body heat any better, maybe someone here has an idea.? It's REALLY a personal preference I think, whether to go with either type. I am glad I chose the silicone. Best Wishes in a speedy recovery.