Keep the laughter

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Humor is a magical thing. Just when you think you can't, you can. My heart goes out to all of us on this site. We have all walked or will be walking in shoes that don't fit, are alittle tight and uncomfortable. In time unfortunately, we get used to these shoes. The walk that all of us takes is not a pleasant one, but please remember that you are not alone.Have faith, family and friends, they are your most valuable support system and resource.Try to laugh at the little things, it does get easier. Its been 13 years and 3 bc episodes for me, but humor and attitude help alot. Pray, play and stay upbeat as much as you can. I am so honored to have found this site, and to have the opportunity to know you all. After reading quite afew of the stories on this site, I have come to realize that you all are amazing individuals, ones that I am so proud to share this place with. Thank you for your courage, words of wisdom, and friendship...we are all truly connected.