Bone metasasis

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I seem to get more and more bone pain, most seems related to radiation (around ribs) and muscle strain across my back from scar tissue under arm, but any bone pain concerns my Dr. and me. He is very vigilent and seems to frequently order bone scans, MRI's, CT's. He says bone cancer is typically a constant unrelenting pain, but some women say it can be vague and take time to identify. I do know not to get any back massage or chiropractic work without a scan first. Any other experiences out there?


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    Hey Judd, my name's hummingbyrd. I've had 2 bone mets, both felt like muscle strains. I don't see what a back massage would hurt, one met was in my back and I get a massage whenever I can! The only way I detected my mets was by listening to my inner voice, which I attribute to God. Listen to what your body tells you. If something is persistantly different have it investigated. My back hurt only after lifting AND THAT was unusual for me. The docs didn't even considerate it significant. Also, both mets were actually better detected on plain x-ray so you don't always have to have a full scan. God bless and whatever you do, know that God is there when you need Him, and don't let fear run your life! or it'll ruin it. hummingbyrd