kicking and screaming

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My family had a sad Friday night. The reality of my dads (75) condition and the fact that he's too weak to tolerate any treatments really set in. I talked to his wife on the phone and she said my dad and her were crying all morning. That broke my heart, because I am in California and they are in Tennesse. I wanted to comfort my dad. I called my older sister in Texas and than I broke down in tears on the phone.. Then I cried all night.. I can see now I had a lot of feelings I needed to release. This morning I woke up with this on my heart.....
Why do we believers of an almighty God need to be taken from this earth kicking and screaming? We are so stubborn wanting our own will. My dad says he will fight for every breath... and he is a believer. I told him this morning that when he gets to heavan he is going to take one look around and ask our almighty Lord, "What the heck took you so long to bring me home!" (he'll use stronger language though) The bible tells us that on earth we only get teeny glimpses of what heavan will be like.... no man has any idea of the glory that awaits us. Have a great day... the Lord our God loves you. Terri