for Billys daughter

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Your story really touched my heart. You can read mine below in "father recently diagnosed." But your story reminds me more of the experience I had with my mothers lung cancer death. She died of lung cancer when she was only 52. I had just graduated from college.. At the time I thought it was a low period in my life. I had recently broken up with the man I wanted to marry, didn't have a job or real desire to find one.. and my dad was drinking too much from the stress.. so I was moms #1 caretaker. I did get the opportunity to share the bible with her and have many meaningful talks. One of the things that touches me about your story is about the grandchildren. My 2 older sisters had children... they brought my mom such joy. She told me that she was sorry that she wouldn't meet the man I would marry or my children. She told me to tell my children that she was a good grandma. I went on to marry a wonderful man and I have 3 children. I had two sons and a daughter. My precious daughter is now 14... Her middle name is Joann after my mother. God blessed me with a mother and daughter relationship again... He is so good. I don't want this to be too long.. So I will just say that now I look back on those hard days with my mom as such an honor and a blessing. I know she is with the lord. She is proud of me for the way I am supporting my dad thru his illness. She was spared much heartache.. with some other things that happened in my family. Your dad has left a wonderful legacy with you and your children. god bless you and thanks for sharing your touching story. Terri