removal of Port after Chemo

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What is involved in having a port removed after chemo? Is it a surgery? I just finished last week and I can not wait to get the port out? Thanks Ida


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    Congratulations Ida. I had my port out a few months ago. they do a local and incision and remove the port. it takes about 15 to 20 minutes and you are done. The worst part was the local, burned when first went in. My children wanted me to keep the port, but the doc said it was hazardous material.LOL. God bless. sandy
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    congratulations ! Its no big deal to get the port out. Done as outpatient under local, a little cut and out it goes. Few stitches, maybe 6. Might be a little sore for the day, Tylenol worked fine for me. Good luck. emmi
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    thank you for the information I appreciate it. Ida
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    Congratulations!! I had my port out in January and like Sandy and Emmi said, it is no big deal. I was nervous because I had read Lance Armstrong's book "It's Not About the Bike" and he said it was a terrible experience but I was pleasantly surprised. It is done in the doctor's office, under local and you are done in 15 minutes. It is such a great feeling to not have that foreign thing in your body but I was also thankful that I had it during chemo. After going through chemo, this is a piece of cake!! Good luck to you! Cheryl
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    I have had my port since 1993. It stopped working in 1998. My physician told me to have it taken out but it is such a part of me I can't bring myself to do it. They say it can cause a clot so I guess I should go ahead and do it. Reading your replies is giving me a little push to have it taken out. THANKS
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    Hi Ida! I was so scared when I had my port removed but it was a piece of cake. I had it done in my surgeon's office. They gave me a local anesthetic (like novacaine), then he went thru the incision, but he didn't have to open it up completely-just enough to get it out. It was done before I knew it. A couple stitches and that's all. I had it done about a year ago. I have a scar of course but overall, it was worth it. That thing was a life saver! If you're brave enough, take a look at it-it's quite interesting. Take care-contact me if you need anything! Sharon
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    Dear Minnie112256
    I just had mine taken out last friday and just got back from my post opt apointment about 3 hours ago. It was about the same for me going out as it was going in. Out patient surgery at the hospital, 3 hours later i was home and back to work on Monday. I kept mine about 5 months after chemo ended. The port was beginning to get painful for me-so I asked the doc if i could get rid of it. He said sure. Everytime I raised my arm to get something high, it would pinch. If I rolled over on it at night it would hurt and wake me up. It has served it purpose and was glad I had it during my 16 months of chemo, but was time to GO and i was really glad to say goodbye.
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    Hi Minnie,
    I'm new to the site, but thought I'd send you my experience with port removal. My surgeon was very good, and saved my life in 1993. But my port got infected soon after it was put in and HAD to be removed. My doc must have thought I was a real trooper and tried to cut it out of my upper chest with no local or nothing!!! I tried to be brave, but finnaly asked to be given atleast a little Versaid(twilight medicine). He gave it to me, but I recieved no stitches, just a couple butterflies.
    It left a 2 in. scar and a "caved in" look to the area. I know this may not be pleasent to hear, but I really do believe my doc did not realize the pain eliment involved. He thought it would be over so quick that my brain would not have time to process the pain.....BUT IT WAS PROCESSED QUICKLY!!!!! Just be careful, sometimes these docs are in a big hurry to get to the golf course, especially after such a hard winter.
    Good Luck and God bless,