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I finished chemo about a week ago. How long before my hair starts coming in? Any information would be helpful. Thanks


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    Some fuzz will start to grow in a couple of weeks. I wore a wig for about 2 month AFTER the chemo, then my hair was long enough to feel comfotable without a wig. Came in nice and wavey. Best wishes...Emmi
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    My chemo was really strong. I finished in April 2001 and didn't quit wearing hats till August 2001. Hang in there, it will come back. hummingbyrd
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    Some fuzz started to grow on me before I ended my chemo. It all depends on the drug you are getting (mine was Taxol at that time). I ended chemo in November 2002 and could have gone without something on my head by February. Since I live in the Northeast and we have had a REALLY COLD winter, I still wear something on my head when I go out but only because of the cold. Mine has not come in curly but it is really thick. Just keep thinking, each day it is growing more and more! Best wishes...Cheryl
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    My hair came in pretty quickly. It's now bushy, a little darker than before, and with a slight wave to it. I'm just waiting for the length to grow back in (it used to go down to the small of my back). I guess I got my wish though, because when I knew I was going to loose my hair, I asked God to send it back with some wave to it. I felt it didn't hurt to ask.

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    Thanks everyone for your replies. They were very helpful. Ida
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    Hi are just ahead (no pun intended!!)of me. My last chemo March 17..and can't wait to get my hair back. I have a bit of fuzz but that's all!! Sounds like we both will have hair by the summer!!! Linda
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    Good for you! Make sure you give yourself credit for achieving such an awesome goal!! I was really anxious to get my hair back-here's a little tip: as soon as the doctor allows, start taking Pre Natal vitamins. You can get them over-the-counter.I have been taking them for a year and I feel great so I'll continue. And hey, I have very thick hair. Don't be surprised if it's curly. And treat yourself to some visits to a good hairdresser as it grows. It will help it come in thicker. Good luck to you! Sharon
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    Hi, I'm Lisa. I had breast cancer in 1986 and went through 6 months of Chemo. Guess it depends on fast your hair grows. My hair grew back in a matter of weeks stronger and thicker. In 1991 I was told of Cancer again and went through 8 weeks of radiation. Hang in there your hair will grow back. Your local ACS will give you a wig and can lead you to support groups on brast cancer. Check with them the ACS can be very good friends.
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    Dear MINNIE112256
    First off, lets do the HAPPY DANCE for your being done with chemo!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anyway! I am not sure how long - i think we're all different. Mine startin coming back in 8 months before I was done w/chemo. So who knows???
    Im just so darn happy that your done!!! Well there be radation therapy in your future??

    Good luck and BIG HUGS
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