chest sensations after bilateral mastectomy

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I had a bilateral mastectomy 3 weeks ago with tissue expanders now in place. At times I have tingling, a feeling of hotness, pain(like muscle cramping), heaviness, and other feelings. Does this all get better or is it something that you live with from now on. I will be having permanent implants in about 4 months. I'm thinking it has to get better after that happens. Am I right?


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    I had the same thing done 14 years ago. Even had numbness on the back of my left shoulder. Make sure you don't have any redness in the chest area as that may mean infection which is not a big deal but you do need to have your doctor look at it. You will have odd feelings occassionally which I think is due to the surgery and cutting nerves. Even after all this time if I wear a bra in which the straps are too short I get strange twitches. Good news though, after you heal you feel quite normal (?)! Good Luck to you
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    Hi I had same surgery two years ago today and yes you get alot of strange feelings it will get better but at times now when I raise my arms up sometimes I feel like the implants move a little I don't know if they do but you kinda get used to the new feelings Good Luck
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    I had bilateral mastectomies 5 weeks ago with tissue expanders. I had severe cramping which began to let up after my third expansion. I still have just a little light cramping. I am almost fully expanded and expect to feel better soon. Good Luck!