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Hi everyone, My name is Jury Leung. I just joint the discussion group today. I was diagnosed with breast cancer recently. I had my first Chemo on 2/12/2003. Now my hair starts to come out. I have purchased a human hair wig from one of the image recover centers. The lady in the center does not feel comfertable to style the wig for me because she has never cut wigs for Asian. She asked if I want to have my hair designer do it, but I don't feel comfertable to talk to my hair designer about my cancer yet. Does anybody know any good wig disigners that is in the DC,Maryland or Virginia areas? Please let me know if you have any helpful information. My email address is [email protected]. Thanks for your help! Have a nice weekend!


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    Hi Jury,
    You might call your local American Cancer Society for some names. Also, you can call local beauty salons for some names of cosmetologists who might be able to help you. Keep us posted on how you are doing.
    Love, Jayne
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    Hi Jury!

    Welcome to the group!

    I'm sorry I do not have the answer to your wig question but just wanted to welcome you.

    Good luck with your treatments.

    Take care,
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    Dear Jury,
    I live in NOVA, Wash Dc area!!!! I know of plenty and they are good/go out of their way to do what you feel is best...... Contact me at {[email protected]} for details. I will be happy to help you ib anyway possible...... So don't hesitate at all. If you are curious about who I am, look up sevey on webpage......
    God Bless