In need of a GREAT FREE cancer related Cookbook?

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For any of you suffering with a first occurance or a reccurance of breast cancer and in need of any nutritional advice for FREE go to and sign up! No other lists or junk from it but you are going to get a cookbook that is FANTASTIC. I had nausea after my first Chemo and then, I got this book and followed advice for Chemo days and yesterday I ate and no nausea. Good info. I personally know both authors, one is nationally known Baton Rouge native and chef, Holly Clegg. The other author is my oncologist, Dr. Militello! So, trust me it is very helpful for those of us first timers. The company that sponsers the site bought up a bunch of these books and now sends them out for free. You won't be sorry. Remember you must have cancer and even though it states recurrance it really does not matter- go ahead order it. Just thought I'd pass on some good news! We need it anytime we can get it! God Bless you- DCC


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    I went to this site and other than the Home Page all I got was this page does not exist. Maybe I did something wrong.

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    HEY, It's ME dcc552- OOPS! it under Sorry but hey still good! happy healing