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Dear CSN Members,
My name is Diana and I am a student at Fullerton College. I am the Vice President of Phi Theta Kappa International Honors Society. Every year we have an international Honors Study topic, and this year it is "Conquering Cancer." We would all really appreciate it if anyone could come in and talk to a group of students. Your help would assist us in spreading awareness. Please consider giving us a hand. Thank you for you time.


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    Dear Dianna,
    Where are you located? Where is Fullerton college at??? I would like to help you guys out, but I am still fighting cancer and do not drive.... So that is why alot of us have kinda not responded..... We are all over the world... Not just the USA..... I am in VA near DC..... I want to know where you are>????? Do believe it is a Great Cause and important for everyone, young having awareness of this deciduas disease, which is not prejudiced for anyone young, old, or any race..........
    God Bless You