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My sister has been on chemo for 15 months fighting this cancer. She really has functioned well through all the chemo, however, the past 3 months she has developed and itch all through her body. An itch so bad it has interrupted her quality of life. This is so awful to think that she has not suffered with pain and has coped pretty well with the side effects of chemo. However, this has been terrible for her. She can't sleep or doesn't even want to keep clothes against her at it makes the itch worse. She has no visible hives or rash. Her chemo is Taxotere, but she's been on that all the while. She's been ordered Periactin, Paxil, Ambien, Sonata, Cholestyramine and Atarax. Nothing has helped and no one can come up with the cause. Her oncologist has sent her to an allergist and then to a dermatologist. No one can help or find out the cause. All the blood work has been in order and then the final blow was to put her on Zanax 3x a day!!!! Does anyone have any help for me? Thanks


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    I have small cell lung cancer, and received carboplatnum, vp16, and taxol. I had a reaction from something and they put me on steroids for a while because of the itching. I don't know if this is any help. hope it is and God bless. Mike
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    Is she taking any pain meds at all? Ultram caused so much itching for me I had to discontinue it.
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    : HI there, I felt I had to respond to this..I am so sorry to hear about your sister, but I may be able to help...I heard about a fruit juice called Tahitian Noni Juice about 7 months ago...I went to and read all of the testimonies about people who were given 2-3 weeks to live and started drinking this all natural fruit juice in large amounts and the cell count was back to normal..I know this may sound too good to be true, because I said the same thing, until they found some cancerous cells in my mother's breast and I got the juice and gave it to her...when it was time for her to get another checkup, all of her cells were fine and the Dr. could not find a trace of cancer in her body. The only thing she did different was drink the juice....I became a distributor of the juice that day and have made it a personal mission of mine to let people know that this "God's gift in a bottle" really does work..For anyone that would like more information, please go to This is a site that medical doctors put together and discussed their research on how this noni fruity helps cancer patients. You can also go to and hear live testimonies for yourself and you can get some reading material from My name is Kristi and I would like to help everyone I can and let this know about this product. You are all in my prayers and God bless...If you would like to speak with me personally, or to try the juice, please contact me at ANYTIME at 678-358-3358.