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I am one year out from diagnosis/brca1/bilateral mastectomy/failed tramflap/chemo/radiation and numerous infections. Next wed I will under go a oophrectomy(removal of ovarian) and although I do have a six year old son its hard for me to deal with the fact that he will be my only child. I am only 27 years old and had hoped for more children. When I had my cancer diagnosis the first thing I said was when this is all over I am having another baby and here a I am and that choice is no longer mine. I guess I just need a pep talk.


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    Hello There and Welcome!!!
    I had one child myself for the same reason. I found out the hard way that I had cancer, because I lost my second child at 8 months pregnant due to C. I did not know that I had C untill I lost the baby girl. At first I was so numb and grievious over losing my baby that I forgot the gift of my son who is now 23 yrs old... He was just a boy when it happened, and I kinda forgot that he was affected as much as I was only on a different level. He had to watch me sick and could'nt figure out why he never got to see his baby sister....
    After a while I figured it out and realized that he was still my son and a gift from God. I had to make the best of this precious chid and make up to him all the time I spent dwelling on me and my woes. I am happy today and all I really want to say is look around and give your child all the love he needs without going overboard ofcourse... My heart goes out to you and prayers as well. At least you have a child and I am not trying to sound cold at all. There are others that never get the joy of birthing a baby. God did give you that chance so make the most of it. I know the pain is going to be there and this is not the pep talk you had in mind.... It is the best I could think of at this moment.. I always thought of adopting, but my illness took me in a different direction. Be happy for your six year old and don't let this beat you up please. He will give you plenty of joy and challenges. I know it is easy for others to say that to you, but take it from someone who has been there herself..... I will pray for you and keep up the good fight for your child and for Jesus Glory!!!
    Gods Love & Peace
    Love Cathy
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    Hi Dewitta, hummingbyrd here. Are they taking both ovaries or just one? If both why don't they do complete hysterectomy?
    If they only take one ovary you could still get pregnant, I had both of my boys with just one ovary...what I wonder is are you sure you would really want another child now? My inner most desire is to see my 2 sons grown and they are 13 and 10, I can't imagine starting over again and I was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago. I can understand wanting more children, and of course its even worse when we don't have control over making the decision. Something is being taken away from you, that you don't want to give up, but at least the Lord did bless you with one child! Put your energy into your son and living. It takes a lot to continue this battle, maybe another baby would be just too much. May God bless you and give you peace in regards to not having anymore children. hummingbyrd