Implants Is There Ever Any Comfort?

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Ladies, I haven't posted in some time. I had double mastectomy in July with immediate reconstruction (becker implants). Implants are my issue. The implants have been expanded and now we are trying to adjust their size and feel (removing some of fluid little by little). My question is: Can any of you share your experience with your implants. Is there ever a time when you aren't aware that they are there. When you feel just natural. I have a constant reminder of their presence with tightness of these pretend breast, muscles under and over the implants always tight, under my arms always tight. I always feel like I have a tight rope wrapped around my chest and under my arms. There just seems not to be any relief. Does this ever get better? Is this discomfort the reality of my new life without my breast? Your sharing will help me a lot. I'm trying to be happy and upbeat about this situation, but I'm not having any fun so far. Thanks Linda


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    Hi Linda. I had same surgery and reconstruction as you had in 11/2001. I know what you mean about the tightness. I've found stretching my upper body muscles to have been the most help to me. I began a yoga program last fall and really have found that it's made a huge difference in my comfort. I am finally having days when I don't think about or am aware of my implants. Yeah! There were days when I wasn't sure if I'd get to this point and even wished to be able to just take them off for a few minutes. I don't know if this would be of help to you but it's been an incredible help to me. Take care. Julie
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    Hi Linda,

    I had my mastectomy with immediate reconstruction using silicone implants 13 years ago. I understand completely what you are going through. The discomfort will get better, but it takes a while - at least mine did. I remember thinking it was a constant reminder of the cancer too, then I made a switch and used it as a constant reminder that because of this operation I am still alive. That helped. I don't want to give you any negative ideas, but 13 years later I still have days of tightness. They aren't severe, but they are still there to remind me I'M ALIVE. Right now you are still feeling overwhelmed by this disease, but believe me, it will get better, but it takes time. Allow yourself time and one day you'll wake up and think, "Hey, I didn't think once about the cancer yesterday". Then it will be a week and then a month. Life will get back to normal. Plus, you have found a site where you can always come to have your questions answered and to give hope to the next woman.

    Hope this helps you some, just knowing you are not alone.

    God Bless,
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    I am with jamac, stretching will go along way in helping your muscles get use to their new environment. I have to say that exercise has changed my body in ways I never thought would be possible since having so much surgery. The full, complete movement I have recovered is amazing and I am doing things I thought might never be possible again. The changed to your body have been many and yoga and stretching will go along way in relieving some of the pulling going on.
    Be good to yourself,
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    I totally understand what you are going through because I am there. My surgeon has been giving me ultrasound treatments which are different from the diagnostic kind. This is done with the blue gel and the element that touches "The Girls" gets warm almost hot and seems to relax the connective tissue underneath so it doesn't feel like a vise squeezing and compressing. Treatments are 5 to 6 minutes for each side. (I've been through bilateral mastec 8/01, expanders 14 months, then saline implants 10/17/02). I've also purchased bras larger than I measure for comfort ( I'm 37" but bought 40) and Bali Bra and the Walmart cotton front closure sport bra works well. Gentle Yoga made a tremendous difference in getting out of the pain cycle too. Good luck.
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    Hi - I had breast reconstruction (TRAM) and was having the tightness, felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest and muscle spasms. To my surprise, my plastic surgeon knew right away that the implant had formed scar tissue around it and needed to be replaced. He told me this is a very common occurence which I didn't know. After the replacement surgery the pain was gone. Good Luck.