lymph node positive, estragen negative

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Just wondered how many of you are node positive, estragen negative. I'm stage 2a, but everything I read is node negative and estragen positive. How long of a survival rate has anyone had with the above results?


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    I too, was node negative,estrogen and progest. neg. but felt compelled to share what I have learned about "survival rates". Those lists that you will come across are conclusive for only "those' people who were included in the study. It is important to remember we will all react differently to the treatments than someone else depending on our own body's ability to use it. Also age, current state of health,stage of disease and many other factors determine how we will respond. So , to me, lists are just that, a baseline to see what doctors have learned in those studies.We are all unique and how we respond is too.If I had believed All that I had read "as what must be "I would have been afraid to hope for the cure. I may not be Cured, but I am a 10 year survivor so far.
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    I am a 4 1/2 yr survivor, no node envolvement, but estrogen negative. Twice, Stage 1. I have had mastectomy, 6 mo chemo CAF, Last year Lumpectomy,34 rads and 6 month of chemo, CMF. I am doing fine so far and continue to have a positive attitude. If I would believe all the statistics, I'd worry myself to death. According to the statistics I should NOT have BC at all. So , I agree with bc2miraclebaby, each and every one of us is unique and responds to the treatments different, a lot of factors are taken into consideration. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]
    I wish you well, god bless...Emmi
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    I am also node postive-estrogen negative-stage 3! Im still here.. after 18 months of chemo and 35 rad. treatments.. I've been off chemo for almost 7 months (wow has it REALLY been that long?)and I feel better than I have in years and years. So (sticking out tounge and making that pptthhh noise) to all the ''stats'' out there
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    I am 6 year survivor of Stage 3 very aggressive with 11 out 21 positive nodes. I don't say much about survival rates justs stats. My paternal grandmother had breast cancer and survived 10 years. I am doing what I can to minimize my risk factors that is all one can do. I am working out like crazy trying to change the coarse of all my side affects. I happened to be the one in the minneute percentiles for everything there was almost but am finding ways to cope with all I am left with. I have to say that I haven't felt the miracle of the cure.
    Be good to yourself always,
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    i am also one node positive est. neg invasive duct. carcinoma aggressive a/c chemo 33 rad treatments . i am still recovering from side effects from treatment also fatigue i finished rad last year feb.02 ! and just now getting energy back , but it comes and goes i have to prioritise my activities eat well and im still taking naps well tell me what type of treatment did you have and are you on any meds now?
    i am off all meds thank god ......god bless ya .......kathy
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    In Jan, 2001, I was diagnosed with 20 of 23 lymph nodes positive, and estrogen and progesterone negative. I had a modified radical masectomy on my left and opted for a simple masectomy on my right with no reconstruction. I had a phase 2 chemo study of 12 weeks, every 3 weeks of And/Tax and then every week for 12 weeks Taxol. Then radiation. So far, and I go in every 4 months for a blood test, I am not showing any signs of the breast cancer progressing. The cancer tumor had ruptured, initially being ductile and was considered fast growing. I too felt at a loss with my diagnosis, because after my radiation, they ran some tests and said o.k. we will watch you. I was not given very good odds when diagnosed, but I am glad I am still alive!

    I too, would like to know if there are any other survivors out there with such diagnosis and how long they have survivied!