In need of Prayers

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To all my Sisters
Well the time is now and the date is 02-18-03 I will be going into the hospital for my surgery. Please pray for me and Charlie as we are facing this together as a couple. But We know that God will be watching over me and that will get us through this. But if you get time please send some support for my husband for he will need all the hugs and support you can give. Know that I will betaking all yu hugs with me as I face this hopfully it will be the last of surgeries for a while. email him at [email protected]



  • isaiah4031
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    Dear Kelli,
    My prayers are with you and your husband. Rest assured you are in the care of a very sovereign doctor...our Lord. I had a hysterectomy when I was only 29 and have done well. No complications. I will continue to hold you both up. May God bless you...
    Love, Jayne
  • jude
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    Dear Kelli - You have my prayers that the results of your surgery are POSITIVELY super. You are fortunate to have a loving husband by your side and I pray for him, also. Both of you keep your faith in God intact. Jude
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    I will pray for you and Charlie as I have been for a couple of weeks! Good luck on the surgery! Keep us posted...Love, Maggs