Swelling in stomach,back and underarms and now a low MUGA score?

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I had bi-lat mas on 1-7-03. Since I have had an infection from bad tissue expander on left side. (Cancer side) So, had that remmoved on this Tues. My onco had a MUGA scan done on that Fri and now my score came in a 42! Could the built up fluid cause a low MUGA score? Has anyone else had swelling, not lymphadema? I did have all 27 of my left lymph glands removed but no cancer! I have no ankle, feet, finger, hand or arm swelling? What is going on with my body! SO, now I have to put off my chemo til a cardio checks me out! Needless to say I am STRESSED! Like B/C wasn't enough now I have a heart problem I have NO symptons for except an impuls/ejection rate of 42! HELP ME IN LA


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    Dear Sister,
    I am so sorry you are having such a bad time and I know the fear that you are going through all to well. I will pray for you starting today since it is almost 1:30am on Monday. I have had strange anomolies such as yours and no explanation given to me made much sense at all. I did learn a few things about my own body and reading several articles about this disease. Surgery of any kind is very invasive to anybody. A body just kind of goes through shock due to surgery.... Nerves freak out trying to rebuild and ofcourse infection occurs quite frequently to even the healthiest of people. I had a double radical and reconstruction in 2001. I also had a whole lot of problems. Some may have said or asked me why did I have reconstruction ? I did it because everything else that made me a woman was already taken from me due to cancer. I have been operated on and parts taken out so many times that you could use all fingers on both hands and still be counting. I am most certaintly not a expert on surgeries, but one who has had the misfortune to know more then I want to about them. I know that it takes it toll on a human body and can cause a whole lot of unusual problems. All I can offer is a whole lot of prayers for you. Not saying I don't care, on the contrary my heart goes out to you. I will call you LA because I don't have a name, but you can bet that I will pray for you and that everything will clear up real soon. Let the Lord comfert you and He will. There are a lot of women on this site that are very spiritual too, and they will also be with you. I know you are feeling very frightened right now, and I pray that the Lord will ease the fear at this time for you. He will and although it may sound a little trite ... I stand by this because He has worked miricles for me even when I did not deserve it.... Just press into the Lord and I will be praying for you OK
    Gods Love & Jesus Glory
    Love Cathy
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    Hi there IN LA, hummingbyrd here. Sorry you are having such difficulty, but praise God for one thing...those lymph nodes were clear!
    What did your MD say about the MUGA score? I tried to look it up real quick, as it is rather late, and only found a brief description of test. If I understand correctly the test is assessing the function of the left ventricle (the heart has 4 chambers, or rooms you might say, this chamber's function is to pump the blood out of 'the room' to the body. The other chambers pump blood from chamber to chamber to lungs, for air, then finally to left ventricle. It has the hardest job because it has to pump the blood out so far). The ventricle fills with blood and then contracts, if you have swelling in area of the heart, the swelling can keep ventricle from filling up completely. It pumps out what it has, but if the ventricle couldn't expand to full amount then its going to have less blood to pump out. That is probably why you have a low MUGA score. Correct whatever is causing the swelling, that should relieve pressure off of heart, and function return to normal. SO, lets hope and pray you don't have a heart problem, and I don't think you do. My guess is swelling may be related to infection. Do they have you on an antibiotic? a fluid pill? If not that's OK, just curious. Two suggestions, #1 calm down, easier said than done, eh?
    #2 write down questions for MD and take them with you to his office, it will also help if someone goes with you to take notes on what MD says, I guarantee you'll forget half of what he tells you if you don't! Something about going to a doctor, the brain just sort of flies out the window. LOL
    You sound like you may need someone to talk to, we have a group that chats everynight at 10:00 PM CST (8:00 if you're in LA). It's at a different web site but you are certainly welcome to come chat. You have to type address into address bar, not in search because search won't be able to find us...anyway address is:
    long I know, my bad, when I renew name I'm going for abbreviation! Doesn't matter what denomination you are or even if you're not a christian. Our bond is our battle against breast cancer! I was diagnosed 6/2000 and have a heck of a story, as most everyone else does too. Lots of us have traveled a very rough road, but hey it just proves to you newcomers that the road can be traveled and survived!
    God bless, hope this info helps you some. Keep your chin up and ice down your back (CHILL OUT)!
    (((((HUGS))))))) hummingbyrd
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    Hi LA, hummingbyrd is pretty much right on the nose with her explanation. Could be fluid built up. Did docs explain why the MUGA ? Most likely to check that ALL is well before chemo, especially if you get Adriamycin. They do it before and after. Glad your lymph nodes are clear. Like hummingbyrd says, write down questions to ask the doc. Stay calm and think positive, we will pray for you and ask Gods help so you will get better. (((((hugs))))) Emmi