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..the survival discussion groups. You have no idea , really no idea , how your messages of hope and courage have put my life into perspective. When my husband was diagnosed with nasopharngeal cancer we were both blown away. Our world was crumbling and panic, fear and depression was quick to set in. Reading your stories, your battles and learning more about the disease I now feel more at ease in coping with the situation. Nothing is guaranteed and we live one day at a time. We are so vulnerable yet at the same time stronger because of the disease. What the future holds, only God knows and time will tell. When I read of people who have lost loved ones at a young age, I am blessed that my children are healthy and grateful to have spent some twenty years with my husband. We have gotten on a roller coaster, through no choice of our own, emotions rise and falls and hopefully we can both walk away from the experience , enriched because of how it has affected us.. I am not the one who has cancer, but it has changed my life forever. May God bless you and give you the strength to continue your battles. My thoughts are with you.