nasopharygeal cancer

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I need reassurance from survivors of this cancer . What are the greatest side effects that you live with now? My husband was diagnosed with the cancer and they plan to insert a tube into his abdomen to plan ahead for any future problems he may have with swallowing. Has anyone had this done?


  • ettey
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    Yes I am A suvivor of nasopharygeal cancer. Today I am tube fed and suffer from sinusitis.I have a tacheostoma.From what I know IM a worst case senerio.No one can tell the future. Each case is different.The good news is I take care of myself. Im able to come and go with good planning. This is going to be a verry hard road for you as you go thru the steps watching your love one and only can offer your love.But thats the most important thing you can do. You are going to need support from family ,friends and people like me.I pray for the best for you both.Hope he is the lucky one who only has mimium damage. As far as the cancer itself thier is usually good results its the price you may have to pay that will be hard to deal with.Emotionall and physical. Love Ettey