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Yesterday I went for my lab work and was told that my red blood count and hemaglobin was too low. I was given a shot of Procrit which wasn't very comfortable. Is there anything that I can eat to raise these levels to avoid more shots?? I haven't had a problem yet keping up at work, but when I get home I'm pretty much useless. I'm so thankful for my husband who has become quite the homemaker since all this started.
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    I am sure you could go to a GNC or ask any Dr. and or a Nutririonist.... I had the same problem years ago, and was rold to eat a lot of vitamen K and it did'nt sound right to me... So I ate everything I could that I thought would be healthy for me... I am no expert at what would work or not work, but I will be praying for you and I hope it goes back up to normal levels quickly...... Be Blessed in Jesus Name
    Love Cathy
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    Hi Julie,
    Sorry about the Procrit, hope it's not as bad as the Nupragen (for white blood cells).
    Ask your onc about a B complex vitamin supplement. If anything will help build blood its B6/B12/folic acid...
    Spinach good source of iron and all green veggies, esp broccoli, good source of vit K, but that's for clotting.
    Vitamins to watch out for are A,D,E and K. ADEK they are stored in the body and they can become toxic.
    Whatever you take, even over the counter, check with MD to make sure you can take it with meds he has you on. Some meds, even vitamins, can block other meds and keep them from working.
    Good luck and God bless. hummingbyrd
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    I don't know how to raise the red blood cell levels, but I do know that my oncologist has revised the "acceptable level" of red blood cells for my next chemo a little lower as we have gone along, so maybe you'll be having less Procrit in the future. There is a "normal" range that they print on all your blood tests for all the ingredients in your blood. I've always been at the lower end of the range, even before my chemo, I've only done Procit once...but have had the Neupogen series 3 times already. My oncologist would ask me if I'd been feeling really tired as most people with my red cell numbers would be feeling really exhausted all the time. I truthfully didn't feel bad or any different from usual. I've always been a huge fan of fruits and vegetables, so it isn't like I'm starving my body for any nutrients that would help raise my red blood cells. Like you, I still work full time. I take a little nap between work and making dinner. I think if you just take little "cat naps" along the way, it will do wonders for bringing up your energy level.

    I haven't seen anybody mention this lately, but if you don't already have a copy, you might be interested in "Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book"...the NY Times calls it the "bible" for women with breast cancer. I have to agree. I think I got my copy for about $13 new from with no shipping charges. I looked around all the used book sites, E-Bay, Amazon, etc. and the used copies were going for as much as I paid for new 3rd edition copy (700 pages). Huge numbers of illustrations and step-by-step info. on every procedure or test that a person with breast cancer would have. Even discusses alternative medicine and how researchers come up with some of the statistics they have for breast cancer survivors. I'm sure you could get a copy from your local public library or borrow a copy from the office where you get your chemo treatments.