Hey You Ladies!

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Once again my plans were thwarted to get on the new chatroom, because I babysat my nephew, and my sister is working from home..... Maggs please let me know when the oppertunity to get on it happens again. This is my sisters computer and she is having a rough time with her job right now. I have to be supportive of her because she is my sister and I love her dearly, as well as my nephew.... I am blessed that I can stay here, but while here I can't just jump on the computer whenever I want..... This will change when I get my own place....
It kinda is scarey to think of living alone at times like these, but yet it is also exciting at the same time..... I guess I'm fearing being alone with this illness.... Time to lean harder or press harder into the Lord...I spent a lot of time praying yesterday, because I felt so bad about the way I was behaving. Acting out of my flesh, and giving the enemy a oppertunity to put his two cents in, but I caught myself and made some very desperate calls to both pray and receive it too.
My meds ade hitting me hard right now so I am about to close....... I wish we could all chat and laugh as well as be there for each other... I know I have'nt played an active role, but there have been some mitigating circumstances.......That will change soon.
Gods Grace Pease & Love
As always Love Cathy