Help Test a New Chat on CSN

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We need help evaluating a new chat room for the Cancer Survivors Network.

You many join our test anytime during our two test times. The test chats begin at the following times:

Wednesday, Feb. 5th, at 8pm Central Standard Time
Thursday, Feb. 6th at 2pm Central Standard Time

You can open the new chat room from your Cancer Survivors Network (CSN) start page. In the area of your Personal Start page called "Connect and Communicate," look for these words and link:

"Click here to try out a new Chat application we are testing for CSN."

If you can't make either of these times, feel free to try the new chat anytime over the next few days. We would like to receive your feedback on this new chat. Please email any comments to us at [email protected].

Thanks so much for your help and for contributing for the benefit of others.

Maggie (fishpie)
ACS Cancer Survivors Network


  • sevey
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    I have a Dr appt today, but I will be more than willing to help test it providing I have use of the computer, and am not too medicated after the appt. My appt is ar 3pm, and I hope they do not overdo the meds...... I would love to chat! Can't seem to get in Hummingbyrds no matter what I do.
    How are you? I hope you are well, and I have not stopped praying for you as well as a lot of others....
    Gods Love & Peace
    Love Cathy