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Mr Pawel, I don't know what your real motives are for coming back and back to this forum with your negative input. We are a group of women who give one another support and constructive information based on our experiences. Each of us is going through a life altering experience. We try to give each other HOPE, and the last thing we need here is YOU with your gloom and doom reporting. Right now Chemotherapy is our HOPE to see the future. HOW DARE YOU TRY TO DASH THOSE HOPES !!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    >>!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I give a big "DITTO' to that.

    The same drugs are used for the same kinds of cancers in Europe and Asia with entirely different health-care payment systems.

    Yes, please go away.
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    My hats off to Nancy!
    Nobody on this site needs to hear your gloom and doom crap. As a matter of fact, why are you here? If you are who I think you are....GO AWAY!!!
    I do belive you have been asked and forced from other sites for the same reason. So have you changed your logo..... The last thing we need here is derogatory garbage that only cause dissention and chaos. Go away as Nancy stated...You are not a caretaker or a woman....We do not need your input at all nor are we interested! There are ways to have you banned and believe me, steps will be taken....Got It?
    Blood of Jesus over You
    Check Your true motives
    Keep your negative garbage to yourself, we have no need for your kind period!!!!!
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    Just what are you trying to acomplish by placing your adds on this site? It will fall on deaf ears. Have YOU ever had chemo? Try it sometime, do you think we care how these drugs are bought and sold to doctors ?? NO ! As long as they help us so we can live, go and take your information somwhere else, it does not impress us. Like the others said !!!GO AWAY!! GET LOST!! GOT IT?? We don't need your input.
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    Good for you Nancy! No one wants gdpawel on our site so please stay away. You sure do have the b.... to come back after all the negative response. Go away and stay away!
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    When it comes time for us to find out all that happened to our loved-ones and why, many times we may think our thoughts are our own, but more often than not, they emanate from our passed on loved-ones. Through these thoughts, the best parts of our creative character come forth. I could not have done my years of cancer research without the guidence of my wife. She had inspired each and every avenue of my search for truth.

    If more people researched how and why their loved-one died after being treated by orthodox cancer therapies, then I believe there would be a movement to have more effective and less toxic treatments available. Ideally, we would conduct such research before the treatments were administered but we usually don't have the luxury of time to learn what the physicians may not be telling us when it matters most.

    With the many variables of cancer, specific "real person" stories and situations are a blessing to those in need. In sharing with others what is learned, not only does it help with the healing process, but something that is mention may be just the information someone who is just finding out, may be looking for. Taking the time to post information experienced and learned is a tribute to my wife's memory and not only shows love for her, but for people in general.