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I am scheduled for a bilateral masectomy February 18th with reconstructive surgery. I had a lumpectomy in each breast with LCIS in the right and atypical hyperplasia in left. I have opted for the surgery due to my family history. My mother has battled this for 30 years and just last year it turned to invasive . She had to have her breast removed. I am scared to death and hope I am doing the right thing. I have had all my options explained to me with 3 different doctors. I want to know what to expect having the breasts removed and reconstructive at the same time. can anyone fill me in?


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    Hi Patty,I had mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with implants. when i woke up I had an expander in, which to me was better than waking up to nothing. it made it harder with radiation, but by the sounds of it you dont have to worry about that. It was a good move for me as i had the option of having a tram or implants. i dont think that psychologically i could have dealt with a tram as it would hae been my own tissue, but it probably would have had a more even cosmetic result as i only had one done. if you're getting both done it wouldnt be an issue. if you have any questions about it at all, give me a yell... [email protected] Good Luck, I know they are some hard decisions. I dont know where, but you manage to pull the strength out of nowhere and move forward.
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    Hi Patty, I had a mastectomy and tram flap reconstruction 1 yr later. Wish I had it done at the same time like you are doing. That is my only regret. The result is great. You will be happy to wake up with something there. What kind of reconstruction will you be having? If you would like to talk you can reach me at
    [email protected]
    wish you the best, looks like you have everything under control. Take care, god bless.
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    Hi Patty,
    Wow your mother is an inspiration to me since I feel there is no cure and that we prolong our lives the longest and best ways that we can. I am happy to hear that some make it as long as 30 years before invasive becomes a word. I am 6 year survior of agressive stage 3 with 11 our of 21 nodes. I was wondering though how old your mother was when she first faced this thing BC? I was 36 at the time I was faced with my options for fighting my battle. I am still amazed today how many times women come up to me, knowing I have had breast cancer and tell me of a friend around my age of dx, that are told that they don't have cancer even though a biopsy isn't being done. In todays world I wonder how early detection happens if doctors are always making us wait for diagnostic if that even happens. I was told mine was fibrous cyst when in fact the cancer left there to spread.
    I am glad that you have been on top of your cancer and you too must find some strength and comfort in knowing that your mother is a Survivor, with that capital S, cause I sure am.
    Many good women here, why I am still here since joining at 200 messages and I have read them all.
    Hope you find the shoulder you need here, there are many,
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    Hi Patty. I had bilateral mastectomies with immediate implant/expander reconstruction in 11/2001; diagnosis on biopsies before surgery was multifocal high grade DCIS in one breast and atypical hyperplasia in the other. My decision to do both breasts was similar to yours. I have not regretted my decision at all. What type of reconstruction will you have? My plastic surgeon started expanding my implants about 4 weeks after the mastectomies and I finished expansion and had ports removed 5 months after that, had nipple reconstruction at 6 months out and tattoos at 10 months. They look good and are symmetrical and fairly soft. I am still finding that I'm regaining sensation on my chest and sides and the scars are really beginning to fade. It is a long haul and the only thing I can say is that you can do it; keep looking up and out at your goal and find at least one thing each day that is better than it was the day before. Ask for help when you need it and ask questions of your medical team whenever you are uncertain. I'll be thinking of and praying for you and you can e-mail me here if I can help at all. We all are so much stronger than we ever imagined we could be. Take care. Julie
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