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Dearest Friends
Take a moment out of your life to pray for the people that were on the Space Shuttle. That they believed in Jesus, and most definately Pray For Their Families..... Dear Lord, I lift their families up to you ..That you send the Comferter to help them get through this tragedy and realize their loved ones are with you ...In Jesus Name I Pray....... I am so emotional right now I must stop posting and continue praying for them and their families.........Love Cathy


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    Great prayer, Cathy...Thanks for sharing it! I will pray, too! Love, Maggs
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    maggs said:

    Great prayer, Cathy...Thanks for sharing it! I will pray, too! Love, Maggs

    Prayers already been sent from here!
    CNN said the man from Isreal stated while on mission everything was so beautiful up there he never wanted to go back to earth. I thought that was a bit odd...and what a blessing NO ONE that I know of on the ground was injured from falling debris. You gotta read Revelation to REALLY appreciate that one, or live in east TX I suppose. I feel so sorry for the children who had a parent on the shuttle. They particularly need support now.
    God bless. hummb
    by the way did u get my email? Let me kwow, this crazy system I either sen wwm e, t t
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    Is it just me or does it have something to do with our mutual fight for life? I get pretty upset at these tragedies. 9-11 took a toll on me emotionally and so has this tragedy. My emotions are right up on the surface these days yet I can't NOT watch it on TV. I want to mourn right along with those poor families.
    Yes, my prayers are with the families left behind, the fellow workers, and all those involved. I hurt for the Israelies who needed their man to be a hero and survive.
    In some ways this cancer thing has made me more sensitive to the feelings of others...particularly when someone dies. We all know such horror stories lately.
    I've got to get a better attitude about it all.
    Sometimes it is almost too much to bear.
    On one hand I am a spiritual person and know that these people have gone to a better place, a place of no suffering and shear joy.
    But I just can't get that feeling of loss out of the equation emotionally. It's like I don't really believe it (that heaven is true) somehow.
    When cancer claimed another 42 year old friend with two children and a man who loves her just last month. Sometimes I WANT TO SCREAM!
    sORRY. thanks for letting me vent.
    Love to all,