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Hi, I'm sorry I havn't gotten back to you sooner. My email is doing something strange. I can't send any mail. I don't know what's wrong with my computer. Sometimes I can't read my mail either. This is getting very frustrating! I am back at work and all of my patients are sick. I ended up sick on Sunday night. I think with my immune system so low I got their virus. Hopefully this email problem goes away on it's own, because I don't know much about computers or how to fix them. I hope you are doing well and keeping your spirits up. I'm trying to stay busy. My surgery is in 9 days and i'm getting a little nervous. I have alot of pre-admissions appointments coming up. I hope they answer all of my questions. I got one of your messages that you sent, but the other one I can't download. (the card) Well I have to leave for work in a few minutes, so I have to make this short. Have a nice day!! I will check this site when I get home tonight. Your friend, Fawn


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    Hi got your message. Wrote you another e-mail today. Hope you can read it. If not, we'll try with this site until you can fix it. I still want to talk to you before you go in the hospital I mean online of course. I'm praying for you and you be strong, o.k.? Where do you live in NJ? I was from Paterson. I'll write more later. Hugs and prayers, Marie