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Dear Ladies,
Since I can't do chemo and radiation is no longer a option, this new Dr wants me to take mega doses of Vitamen C, K-3, Calcium and steroids plus a whole calcade of other nutrients and drugs that have proven to be effective on others in my situation. I have been told about this method before by a person who went through this exact treatment and he is in remission for 1 and1/2 yrs. So I am going to give it a shot and allow the Lord to do the rest. Has anyone ever heard of this? I am going to be reading as much as I can in the meantime, but I wanted to know if any of you ever heard of this type of treatment. If so please tell me about what you may know?
Chemo has almost killed me the last few times I tried it and I don't believe my body{liver} will allow me to take it long enough to kill the cancer. Radiation is no longer a option because in 1990 they used it to kill off my existing immune system and gave me a bone marrow transplant. In otherwords a body can only be exposed to only so much before it becomes lethal. Chemo is also lethal for me because I am already too thin, and it will kill me before the cancer would even have a chance. I was also informed of this anyway by tons of Drs.
So I am going to be as positive as I can and I will keep you posted on my condition and how I am responding to this new therapy. I know in my heart that it is not my time to die so I am not afraid of that {at least most of the time} right now. I have not finished doing His Will for me while in this body. Whatever it is, I know it is only to Glorify Him and I am willing to because I love Jesus. I hate taking so much pain medication but it is necessary a lot of the time. I always hold out untill I get a chance to post and email those whose emails I have that want me to. I love you guys and I am praying for all of you and I want the Lord to Bless Each and Everyone of You as well. Gotta Go for now.
Gods Grace
Love Cathy


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    Hi Cathy,

    I can't say I have any experience with this new doctor's methods, but he sounds right up my alley. When I was diagnosed with Stage IV BC 4 years ago, I opted not to do chemo and to try a more natural way. My oncologist only gave me a few months, but I am still here and very healthy. The cancer has reared it's ugly head again this past month, but I am going back to my old methods again. I truly believe we are a product of what we eat and God has given us everything we need to make our bodies healthy. I take apricot seeds (no longer available over the internet) and coral calcium. I don't recommend this to everyone, but it works for me. Plus lots of prayer and faith. Those are more important than anything else.

    It is your body and you have to make decisions based on your personal situation. I don't believe anyone way is right or wrong. Only you can decide. but I pray God will lead you on the path that is right for you.

    God Bless,
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    I'm so glad to hear you are doing so much better!
    As far as treatment goes, I say 'hey try it'. I prayed in one of my posts for your doctors to have the wisdom to treat you appropriately. Who knows, this may just be the answer. We both know the POWER of PRAYER!! and just how fast God can answer those prayers. I'll keep praying and also ask that you GAIN some weight! but not too much or you'll be blaming me! LOL
    God bless. Love ya girl. hummb
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    If you want some additional views of doctors that believe in a nutritional approach try looking up also (non-profit organization with a wealth of info and research that is documented plus access to the array of nutritional supplements, use the google search engine for Dr. John Lee, and Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Deepak Chopra (listen or read his book/tapes on Quantum Healing. Good luck and happy reading. Love, light and hugs, Iris
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    I also take CO-Q-10 Enzyme, buyable as a dietary supplement in the same place you buy vitamins. Maggs
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    Pray to the healing angels: St. Michael the Archangel(stirrer of the waters) and St. Raphael.
    Love, Maggs