Gemcitabine (Gemzar)

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Dear Friends:
I have not been on this site for awhile because it seems harder to follow with this new format! Really, it is because I do not take the extra time to really follow what is happening to everyone. I do hope all my old friends, as well as, the people who are new to this site are doing good and having a peaceful day.
My question is for those of you who have taken Gemcitabine. Could you tell me what side effects you have encountered on this chemo? Especially if that is the only chemo you are now taking or took.
I have been on Taxol off and on since 2000, and the neuropathy is getting worse this time. My doctor is worried about my 'rubbery legs' - I described it that way because sometimes my legs or my knees feel like they don't want to support me. I haven't fallen or anything, but just don't feel comfortable going to the store on days I have this problem in case my legs get too tired.
My doctor has changed this chemo to one week on and one week off to see if that helps. If it doesn't, he has suggested this Gemcitabine. The nurse gave me a printout for this, and the side effects do not sound any better to me than the Taxol. The doctor says it does not cause the neuropathy (tingling and numbness in feet and hands)like Taxol.
Thank you in advance for any information you can give me about your personal experiences while taking Gemcitabine. May God bless each of you. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.
One other note to those who are relatively new to this site (I've been here since 2001) - don't ever hesitate to ask for prayers - the ladies and gentlemen who read these messages are wonderful and loving people and we support each other - because we understand how overwhelming this disease is - and we want to pray for each other every day - and special prayers for special needs. I have been helped from my prayer requests from these fantastic friends as much as or more than anything else I have tried. I truly believe in the power of prayer because I am living testimony of how well it works. I appreciate all of you more than mere words can ever say.
Hugs and prayers and love,


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    Hi Brenda,

    You know I can't help you with your question, but I just had to say, "Hi". I think about you often and pray daily. So good to hear from you. My surgery went well and I am trying to take it easy. Not a simple thing for me, but my body keeps me in line. I usually have to take a nap each day, but then I am so grateful that I am home and can take a nap when needed. I start my Femara this week. All in all I am feeling great and taking each day as it comes. God is great and I AM HEALED. My healing may not be manisfested yet, but it will be.

    Take care. Oh, my youngest son will be getting engaged soon. He has been looking at diamonds. He is temporarily moved back home until he gets moved up to the DC area. It has been great having him around.

    God Bless,