looking for other survivors of stage-5 cancer

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Hello- I hope my question is appropriate in this forum. My mother was diagnosed with stage 5 cancer in 1989 (breast cancer that had metastisized to her bones). She has fought off 2 reoccurrences in the past 13 years. Last year, a more aggressive form of the cancer reappeared. I am trying to help her find someone who has gone through a similar experience to see if there are other treatment options out there. Her doctor- who is amazing- has tried most of the traditional and experimental treatments over the last 13 years and is now stumped over what to try next. It appears that the cancer is not estrogen-dependent. Thank you in advance for your help!


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    Hi, I'm a stage 4 with bone mets, didn't know there was a stage 5.
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    I am also stage 4. Didn't know there was a stage 5. My cancer spread to bones in several places and to liver. I was diagnosed in Oct. 2000, but have been free of chemo since June of 2001. I take Femara tablet every day. Seems to work to far, but mine is estrogen sensitive.
    I wish your Mom well. I hope I can fight as long as she has...she is a brave and strong woman. I should get to know her!
    sorry I am not more help. But if you want to talk further you can email me here.
    Saying prayers daily
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    Hello, I have'nt ever heard of stage 5. I am certain that stage 4 is the top, or should I say I have been dealing with this disease for so many years and have been told by more than 1 Dr there is'nt any stage 5......... I am kinda baffled over this....Your Mother has been through a lot and you may want to contact The Cancer Care Center line. They are opened 24hrs. I can't seem to remember the phone #...But it is'nt hard to obtain. I will pray for your Mother and I am going to try to find the phone # for you and they could probably tell more then we can... As far as the wrong place to come.....You are definately in the right place and there are a lot of people here more than willing to help....Gods Love and Protection over Your Mother and You as well...