2nd. Chemo

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I go for my second round of chemo this thursday, except for losing my hair I've felt pretty good. Will it always be this easy or does it get worse as time goes on? I've been doing alot of reading and trying my best to eat the right combinations of foods for the natural intake of vitamins. I don't know if it'll help as far as fatigue goes, but its doing alot for my weight.



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    Obviously you got good medicine for nausea. Be sure you get the same meds each time. I never was nauseous - my biggest worry before I started the chemo. You might be lucky and sail through. Each time is different, but I am guessing that nausea will not be a problem. Mouth sores were a problem for about 10 days with, I think, my 3rd treatment. Good Luck. It is good to read and be aware of what's going on - be informed - a good practice.

    Wishing you easy times. Don't lose much weight. This isn't the time for that.
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    I was never sick from the chemo. I was a little tired the first week after chemo, but worked the entire way through it. Everyone is different - I hear I was a lucky one. Hopefully you will be too.

    Bobbie Jo
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    Just finished my 4th round of chemo and found it a tiny different each time. Once I couldn't find any food that tasted good, so dumb me, I just kept eating until I gained 10 pounds! Have so far worked my desk job full-time all the way through. I take a nap between work and dinner the first week after chemo. But other than that...no problems, not even the fairly common mouth/throat/gum sores. Everyone always told me that the first chemo is the worst and the rest is all "downhill". I found that true. The first is probably the worse because you don't know which side effects you'll get the first time out. Good luck. I think you'll do fine!